A downloadable asset pack for Windows

SugarGameEditor is an in-game level editor that allows you to play-test levels as you make them.

Featuring :

-creation tool that allows you to resize slopes and walls easily.

-brush tool that allows you to decorate surfaces with vegetation.

-dyanmic water and foliage.

-blood splatter

The source archive contains :

- The Game Maker: studio project

The project was made a long time ago therefore I will not provide any support for it.

Controls : 

Esc : pause

C : create mode
Tab : change tool
1,2,3… : change tool
Right click : select / move Wheel : size

E :  erase mode

A : Spawn mode

B : Vegetation brush mode
Right click : Create grass
Left click : Erase grass

R : restart level

Z : Jump
Q : Left D : Right
Shift : Run

Ctrl + mouse wheel : zoom /dezoom
Ctrl + S : Save level in .json


SugarGameEditor.exe 2 MB
Source_sugarGameEditor.zip 771 kB

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